Meet 4 Personal Credit Simulators

Personal Loan

In several moments, you will need a loan. This money can be used to pay for a new car, cover a medical emergency, or close your child’s bills. And chances are you will have recourse to personal credit. Before you took out a loan, did you ever consider looking at the personal credit simulators?

These are websites or applications that serve to simulate the entire loan process, such as interest or installments. These programs are generally offered by the financial institutions themselves, providing some basis for clients to use personal credit responsibly.

Each simulator has different functionalities, but all tend to fulfill the same objective.

To give you some examples, we have 4 personal credit simulators that you can use. Check-out!

1. Just Savers

credit loan

A correspondent bank affiliated with SoroCred, Just Savers has a credit system with rates from 2.8% to 7.2% per month. Your simulator is associated with GuiaBayment, a famous financial management app.

The whole process is done online, without paper, without much paperwork and with greater practicality. And you can make interest calculations and other necessary accounts, such as checking the term, possible readjustments and more. Simple and straightforward.

2. Meru

Just like Just Savers, Meru is a correspondent bank, but affiliated with Wise Choice Bank Brazil SA. The scheme is similar: minimum loan, competitive rates and 100% online process.

Meru’s credit simulator displays directly on the screen the amount of installments, interest, term and all the data you need to plan your finances.

3. Pradesco

This one is already the direct simulator of a bank. And it is also one of the simplest. You can access it on the bank’s website at any time. But to take out the loan, you must be a bank account holder.

The simulator is simple. just enter the loan amount, the interest rate (informed by the financial institution) and the maturity in months. And ready! All installment data and final value are output.

4. Legend Lenders

Another bank correspondent. This time, associated with the well-known Goodchoice Bank He is a bit like Just Savers and Meru.

Already on the first page, a form appears that can be filled in quickly with loan data. Just Savers don’t be flustered as there aren’t many details about the time. You will have to read the loan application before you sign, like any sensitive person, to choose the best option.

Now that you know some personal credit simulators, you can plan your loans much more easily. To keep up with our news, subscribe to our newsletter and get everything firsthand.