Counter-indebtedness – Getting a Loan and Credit


The Bank of Finland reported that unsecured consumer loans were raised in May more than ever during the month. The stock of unsecured consumer loans grew at an annual rate of almost 12%.

Loan and Credit launched a campaign promising to reduce its customers’ loans by one hundred dollars when a customer applies for a loan through Loan and Credit and selects one of their offers.

Loan and Credit is paying off its customers’ loans


According to Lauri Miettinen, Loan and Credit’s marketing director, the campaign in June aroused both confusion and great interest. Some of the people who saw the ad thought our campaign was a scam. Fortunately, however, this was not the case and the campaign encouraged people to compare loans before making a decision.

Now that consumer credit has been buoyant in the media following the Bank of Finland’s news, we decided to continue our campaign from July 5 to July 22. and make our own counter-indebtedness. We both help the customer find the lowest interest rates and repay the loan on behalf of the customer by 100 dollars.

Why do Loan and Credit want to pay off its customers’ loans?

Why does Loan and Credit want to pay off its customers

According to Loan and Credit, about a million Finns currently have open consumer credit. Many people pay a very high price for their loans, and Finns are not very diligent in competing for existing loans, says Loan and Credit’s CEO Markus Huhdanpää.

Our business is to help our customers find the best possible loan, whether it’s raising a new loan, combining loans, or competing on the interest rate of an existing loan. This USD 100 loan repayment on behalf of our clients is our marketing expense. Where another company buys advertising space, we want to use our marketing money to do tangible good for our clients and to make people realize that it really makes sense to bid for loans.

At Loan and Credit, we will shorten your loan with a hundred campaign

At Loan and Credit, we will shorten your loan with a hundred campaign

When you apply for loan offers through Loan and Credit, you can compare offers from different banks and finance companies. When a customer finds a suitable loan, a loan agreement is concluded between the customer and the bank or finance company of his choice.

Through Loan and Credit, you can apply for loan offers for either a new loan, a combination of loans or bidding on the interest rate of an existing loan. Tops reports that it focuses on comparing larger loans, rather than a few hundred dollars in quickdraws.