How long does it take to give you a loan

It is called “traditional loans” to those granted by banks and usually take time to be granted; “Informal loans” are known to those made by a family member, a friend, or someone who makes deals not regulated by law and the speed with which they are granted depends on the will of the person who grants the loan. Finally, fast online loans are those that are characterized by precisely being fast and applying online.

Bunter enters the loans of this last category. They are characterized by being comfortable and fast, but really, how long does it take to give you a Bunter loan?

In this article, we will see point by point how long it takes to give you a loan and what are the steps to follow to make the application smoothly.



The first thing you have to do is comply with the requirements of being Argentine or having a residence in the country, being over 19 years of age and owning a bank account. Then go to the main page of Bunter Argentina to complete the application details. Signing up is the same as taking out an email account. It’s that easy and fast. It will take you even less if you agree to register using your Facebook account. What does this mean? You will see that on the Bunter registration page you have the option of giving Bunter permission to fill out the application automatically with the data that Facebook already has.


loan Security

The second step is even simpler but very important. Bunter will send you a number called PIN. What is it for? To confirm that it is you who asks for the credit and not someone who pretends to be you. The message reaches your cell phone in a flash.

You have virtually your loan

You have virtually your loan

It only remains to wait until you receive the confirmation and the money in your account. The maximum time it takes to give you a loan is 24 hours, and it depends a lot on the bank to which your account corresponds. In general, the deposit is made well before one business day.

Fast loan repayment

Fast loan repayment

You will receive a reminder in your email account with the information and options to pay your credit. This step is not directly related to receiving the loan, but to completing the Bunter process. Anyway, at this point, you will already have the money in your hands. In conclusion, applying for a quick loan in Bunter can take you, at most, about 10 minutes. And complete the process just one day. If you ask for credit again later, the process is even faster because your data will already be loaded into the system.

The amount of money you request depends on you and your economic situation. The important thing is that Bunter fast loans are much more reliable than informal loans and much simpler and faster than traditional loans.

So don’t waste any more time and join the Bunter community. The money is there for you to use as you see fit. Take advantage of the benefits of the Internet to get ahead and have the loan you deserve.

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